In January 1949, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army besieged the Kuomintang’s 500,000 troops in Pingjin area, and the total attack was imminent. Whether Beijing can be liberated peacefully depends on the First World War in Tianjin. At this time in the city of Tianjin, there were many dark castles and fortifications, and the soldiers entered the state with live ammunition. Before the war, Tianjin City was already a purgatory. In order to clear the way for the general offensive, the PLA Artillery Reconnaissance Company Commander Cai Xingfu, Scout Ma Baoshu, Reporter Liao Feng, and Artillery Apprentice Staff Staff Ge Guichen were in danger and formed a liberation artillery reconnaissance ranger, pretending to sneak into Tianjin. At this time, Yao Zhe, the National Army Quartermaster who was responsible for transferring the Beiping defender’s dependents, became a wanted criminal under the scheme of Qian Zhuoqun, commander of the gendarmerie battalion. When he fled with his daughter, he happened to meet Cai Xingfu and his party. task. With the gradual clarification of the target mission, the secrets behind Yao Zhe’s conspiracy, Qian Zhuoqun’s attempt to destroy the peace talks in Peiping, and the whereabouts of Cai Xingfu’s missing son gradually emerged.

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