Jue Shi Zhan Hun


The demon clan is called the Demon Emperor Blood Crystal. The demon kings used the power of the Demon Emperor Blood Crystal to wreak havoc on the earth, and the soul man Xiao Qingxue snatched the blood crystal from the Demon King’s hand and was going to take it to Tianguo Valley for destruction. Qin Nan, a young man in the market, wanted to be a soul man, but unfortunately he couldn’t awaken Wu Hun. In order to earn money to take care of the old and young in a village, he had to cheat everywhere and encountered Xiao Qingxue on the way. The demon king chased him down, and Qin Nan accidentally swallowed the blood crystals in the fight. Xiao Qingxue was unable to take out the blood crystals by all means, and had to take Qin Nan with him. After all sorts of hardships, they finally reached the Valley of Calamity. Tian Qiangu, the host Lu Qianji, successfully helped Qin Nan refine the blood crystals in his body. However, at this time, Yan had already secretly laid a net of heaven. There are many crises ahead. Can Qin Nan turn danger into danger, or can he successfully awaken Wuhun and become a true soul-man in the process of confronting the cricket?

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1h 20m 2020 104 views

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  • Original title: 绝世战魂
  • Release date: 14-02-2020
  • Genre: Fantasy
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